The Stupa

The Shanti Stupa in Ladakh

Jesus from Moni Choras church in Istanbul, the ultimate Christian archetype for the Point of Light and the Stupa

The Stupa is one of the vehicles of our personal Essence. It is the totality of our Essential structure. The presence of this vehicle gives us the sense of authority, true adulthood and self-mastery. We feel capable of doing and manifesting whatever we wish on the level of Being; we can actualize and create. We can have the supervision of our actions, a more expanded and complete view of reality and can access and utilize all our inner resources for the purpose of Good. The common Good and our own become synonymous, one and the same. The false Stupa is the collection of all our psychological issues that result in our inner breakage. The absence of the Stupa can lead us to great inertia and immobilization, as we lack the capacity for taking any appropriate action. We can view the Stupa as a giant battery producing inner electricity in our system, propelling us to actualize our creative potential in accordance with Being.