The Quality of Space

The quality of Space is the greatest resource there is for the traveler on the path of the Inner Journey. Through the quality of Space we are able to create some distance and let go of our identification with all the representations we carry in our inner world. During the course of our childhood we are programmed according to our parents’ ideals and behaviors, as well as our family dynamics. We are assigned a role to play which has little to do with who we really are. At the same time, the truth about this is pushed into the unconscious. We are no longer aware of it.

The quality of Space gives us the simple way to disidentify with the role that we play and which results in the disconnection from our Essence. This lends us a wider perspective and gives us the overview of the situation. In this way, tuning into Space strengthens the witnessing capacity in us. We detach from our adopted persona without dissociating from Reality, as we are able to now see the bigger picture. As more Space is created in our inner world, our True Self can gradually emerge, bringing forth its secrets and jewels for us to discover and enjoy. Our life becomes a rich field of evolution and growth, fortified with the gifts of our Essence.


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