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The Minor Lataifs

The Minor Lataif

Light Blue, Gray, Deep Blue and Saffron Lataif

In this retreat, we explore the Light Blue, the Gray, the Deep Blue and the Saffron Lataif.

With the Light Blue Latifa, we open up to consciousness.

The Gray Latifa supports us to be in our bodies in a very intimate, sensual way, connected to the earth.

With the Deep Blue Latifa, we enter the deepest chambers of relaxation and Samadhi in our Being.

With the Saffron Latifa, we experience the dimension of altruistic giving, gratitude and devotion.

Coming in touch with the Minor Lataif, we cultivate our essential qualities, so we can live the life of the Spirit – a life that is rich, meaningful and essential.

For further information concerning the dates, please refer to our Schedule or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.