The Lataif

The Lataif is an introduction to the Diamond Logos teaching as taught by Faisal Muquaddam (see, who originated this work together with A.H.Almaas.

This Essence Work enables us to dissolve and overcome blockages and obstacles on our spiritual path, by understanding the psychological issues and structures underlying them. But, unlike other psychological or therapeutic approaches, it is not limited to the work of emotional conflicts and personality issues. The Diamond Logos Work is based on the understanding that separation from Essence is the main cause of our suffering.

The Lataif – which consist of Nine Latifas – was transmitted directly to Faisal in Iran from the highest teacher in the Sufi order.
This retreat is focusing on retrieving our Essence, the differentiated aspects of our Being, called Latifas by the Sufis.
In this introductory retreat, we cover the five major Latifas: the Latifa of Will, the Latifa of Strength, the Latifa of Peace, the Latifa of Love and the Latifa of Joy.

Each Latifa is different, has its own color, location, qualities and set of issues associated to them. These issues relate directly to certain “holes” in our system, where our Essence was lost. The loss of Essence is caused by traumatic experiences, ongoing emotional conflicts and conditioning by parents and society in our childhood.

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