The Holy Cities

The Parthenon, an archetype for the Holy Cities from Ancient Greece

The Holy Cities is one of the Grand Vehicles and reveals the ethical code of Essence to us. Its presence in our system gives us the capacity to maintain our connection to Spirit in every moment of our daily lives. We feel luminous, expanded and in tune with our Higher Self. We are in reverence of life within us and around us. We see the sacred in everything and ourselves as part of it. This vehicle of Essence provides the steady ground for us to stand on, the support and the guidance to be our True Self. This is our Diamond Will, which leads us to our Light despite what is happening around us. The absence of the Holy Cities results in great disconnect within us. We feel cut off from the goodness of life and all of humanity. We are disoriented and can’t perceive the wonder of life and aliveness. Our thoughts and intentions are polluted, as we cannot access the Essential ethical code and we are not even aware of this.