The Diamond Dome

The Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, an actualized archetype for the Diamond Dome

The VehicleShah Cheragh Mosque in Shiraz, Iran. A dazzling manifestation of the Diamond Dome on the material plane of the Diamond Dome is located on the crown of our head. When the Diamond Dome is present, the mind can be clear, relaxed and open; in its true nature. This is the mind that is able to perceive the bigger picture of reality and has the full view of all that is here, the general oversight. The Diamond Dome brings plasticity and flexibility to the mind, offering a panoramic and grounded view of reality that is not rigidified or negatively crystallized by conditioning. The mind, in this open state, can see all the possibilities and connections and can perceive the universal cosmic laws, as well as the law of cause and effect on a grander scale. This vehicle gives us a sense of lightness and great freedom.

The absence of the Diamond Dome brings dullness to the mind and leads us to disconnected thoughts and actions, the wasting of time and energy. It instills an anti-libidinal attitude in us.