The Citadel

Tashilhunpo Monastery in Tibet, a beautiful example of an actualized Citadel on the material plane  The monastery of St John in Patmos, where the book of Revelations was written. It makes an impression as the perfect archetype for the Citadel.The Citadel is one of the major vehicles of Essence that gives us the impeccable support to walk the walk of the Being, of truth, in our everyday life, in the marketplace. It is the way of the Samurai, the peaceful warrior.

Coming in touch with the vehicle of the Citadel, can help us find support, stability, constancy, consistency and true responsibility in our life. We can also find and tune into the right Intention, in order to live a life of dignity, truth and nobility of the soul, ruled by authentic, inner, essential human values. It is the Being, supporting itself in the marketplace. We can enter maturity.

In this retreat, we activate the inner support, to align ourselves with the Being in our daily life.

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