The Chandelier

The ChandelierIn the course of our life and especially during our childhood, due to traumatic experiences and the atmosphere in which we grew up, we lost contact with our Essence. When we are emotionally wounded and programmed through our family conditioning, our system becomes contracted and cut off from Essence.  We end up having no access to our true joy, wisdom, compassion, presence, aliveness and so on. Alienated from our true self and experiencing ourselves as deficient and empty, we turned away from our Being, our inner reality.

The Chandelier is the vehicle of Essence of celebration, joy, abundance, pleasure, inner enjoyment, creativity, manifestation and the feminine aspect of sexuality.  When we reconnect with our Chandelier, the juices of life return to our system and we are flooded with feelings of joy and celebration, we sense the true glory of our Point of Light. As a result, we have the courage and the stamina to turn our attention away from the outside and inwards, towards our True Self, where we can finally retrieve our wonderful hidden inner treasures.  The activation of the Chandelier irrigates our body and our whole system with the nectar of life.

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