The Absolute

The Absolute is our basic nature. We are made of it and we live in it. We are like the fish in the ocean and the ocean is the Absolute. It is our birthright to live it and to realize it. The Absolute is the source of everything and everything is a manifestation of the Absolute. All that we see is made of it and all that exists is the Absolute in different condensations and emanations. It is our home. In the Absolute we see the aspect of Absolute Annihilation, the dissolution of all that is not real. This is what we call the Deep Dark, the state of Natural Great Peace. The other aspect of it is Absolute Presence, the aspect of creation and light, which we call Radiance. In Radiance there is total transparency. Both aspects of the Absolute comprise the Total Shelter of Existence. In this field we can finally appear as we truly are.