Teacher Training

This is a specific training for therapists and Essence Teachers. Vedanta, who is a senior Teacher in the Diamond Logos Work, has been offering this training for the last 16 years. A variety of skills are taught in this education, starting from the basic training and progressing to more specialized material for training as an Essential therapist and being able to work with Essence. After the first 3 years of basic training and transmission of the material, in the next level which extends further than a year, we expand into a deeper and more detailed exploration of knowledge from many different fields, such as ego psychology, object relation theory, neuroscience, attachment theory, couple work, elements of body-oriented psychotherapy, working with the structure and more. Our focus is to realize how these different approaches relate to Essence. As we are able to recognize the presence and the unfoldment of Essence in the human system, these approaches can become a valuable tool that helps us work with the issues related to the Essential flow or its impairment. Working with Essence and becoming an Essential Teacher can propel our clients into much deeper processes and insights and speeds up the evolution and growth of the individual as it brings the inner work to another level. We are not interested in “fixing” the problem, but every issue is a doorway to integrating more Essential qualities in our system.

Individual training and supervision are also part of this education, in accordance with the specific needs of each Teacher. This educational tract will meet for 3 days each month or one and a half month from November until June.

For more information contact Vedanta at: +30 6947954447 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.