The Higher Self

The Point of Light located in the Sacred HeartThe Point of Light is the real You. It is our Beloved Nature as the True or Higher Self. It is our Inner Star, our true individuality. When we lose this inner star, it feels as if we have lost our very heart, our very soul. The loss of our Point of Light is devastating. It deprives us from our sense of Self, of what we really are and takes away love, joy and meaning from our life. As a result, we get reduced to a false personality with an empty, narcissistic identity. We walk through life, feeling fake and phony, like an empty shell, wanting people to see us for what we are, but having forgotten ourselves what we really are. We are only left with a faint memory of our real Self, deeply buried in the depth of our unconscious.

This condition leads to all kinds of painful narcissistic issues that determine the way we perceive and relate to ourselves, the way we behave in our relationships and with people in general. Often, we turn others into narcissistic supplies that provide us with the sense of Self that we are so severely lacking. Or, we seek for narcissistic gratification, to fill our emptiness of no-Self in outward activities and in our professional lives.

The Inner StarWhen our Point Of Light is retrieved, it is felt as a very gentle, refined presence, full of love, preciousness, joy and awareness. By simply being who we really are, meaning returns to our life and the narcissistic obsession with our false identity merely drops away.

This profound introduction of the Point Of Light is an in-depth exploration of the different forms of narcissism and the issues related to them. It introduces us to the nature of our Individuated Higher Self.

This retreat includes transmissions, meditations and work on our narcissistic wounds, hurts and related emotions like emptiness, depression and rage. We commit to a thorough exploration of the issues that block us from knowing and becoming our Real Self again.

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