The Enneagram and Essence

The Enneagram is an ancient map, describing the nine different types of fixation that our ego –our personality – can develop. Personality is not our real Self. It is a defensive structure, built around our true self. How is the ego fixation created? What is the particular defensive mechanism of that fixation?

This retreat is a fascinating journey into the Nine Enneatypes (ego-fixations), culminating in the re-experiencing of our Essence. During the retreat, we get to know, explore in depth and find which type of ego we have developed. We also learn ways for inner healing and reconnection with our deepest core.

The Enneagram retreat is for people that wish to have a sincere, deep look at themselves and are willing to open up, in order to allow transformation to take place, as well as for therapists who would like to apply this knowledge in their own work.

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