The Diamond Body - Tuning Into The GuidanceThe Inner Guide

The Diamond Body is the vehicle of true objective understanding and direct knowing. It is the manifestation of Living Guidance within us – our Inner Guide.

The Diamond Body is objective consciousness that enables us to see what is really there, beyond our projections. It is the true seeing. In our lives, we need to cultivate this Essential vehicle in order to receive the necessary understanding, clarity and guidance to pursue our inner journey. It is our own truth and guidance that nobody else, no teacher or master, can reveal to us. It is this aspect of ourselves that shows us the way out of confusion, lostness and the maze of the egoic personality and guides us back home. It gives us the capacity to have compassion for ourselves and our mistakes, as well as for others. It brings us back to our humanity. It has the power of integrating all our emotions and unconscious parts.

The Diamond Body isThe archetype of Pegasus, the winged horse of intuition, a symbol for an aspect of the Diamond Body the foundation for working with people. Vedanta shares her 30 years of unique experience of working as a medium and channel for The Guidance, as well as her experience of helping and training people and groups in opening up to their Inner Guide. It is from this inner jewel that the knowledge of the Essence Work initially came and from which it also took its name, “Diamond Logos”.

In this retreat, we tune into our Inner Guidance using transmissions, meditations and specific techniques. At the same time, we explore and work thoroughly on the issues that are blocking our connection to it.

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