About Diamond Logos

The Diamond Logos Path is a contemporary path of self-discovery and personal development that synthesizes modern psychology and ancient spiritual teachings. It is a deep and rich body of knowledge.

Currently, the Diamond Logos trainings are gaining a reputation throughout Europe as one of the most precise and comprehensive paths of personal growth. They are especially suitable for people involved in modern life as well as long time seekers. The Diamond Logos work is also appreciated by psychotherapists and others in helping professions who understand the need for ongoing inner development.
The focus of this Path is a heartfelt inquiry into our current life experiences: our relationships, our work situations, our family life, and our moment to moment inner landscape.

The Diamond Logos Work shows us how to compassionately and precisely investigate our outer and inner experiences such that we re-connect with our Essential Nature and its many manifestations.

Essence is an inner presence. The experience of ‘presence’ varies,depending on which Essential quality manifests: such as Essential Joy, Essential Strength, Essential Compassion, Essential Peace, Essential Power, Essential Centeredness; qualities of Essential Love, Essential Clarity, and so on. It is a clear presence that is felt throughout our bodies, or in specific areas, such as belly or heart.

The Essence Work gives us a deeper understanding of our personality and its relation to the different aspects of our Being and thus a detailed map of our inner world.

The harmonious integration of all the different aspects of our Being into one, complete, Whole, is unique and for the first time to this extend available through the Diamond Logos Work.

The understanding of the Absolute as our Beloved Nature, the recognition of the Point of Light as our Individuated Higher Self and the Diamond Body as our Inner Guidance, are some of the landmarks of this work.

This Work can greatly benefit also those who are already working with people in a social or therapeutic context and wish to deepen their work.