Faisal Muqaddam

faisal-newFaisal is the originator of the Diamond Logos Teachings and the co-originator and co-developer (with A.H.Almaas) of the ‘Diamond Approach’ to liberation. He is a psycho-spiritual teacher and has been teaching in the Middle East and USA for the last 25 years. During the last 15 years, he offers retreats in Germany, Italy and Denmark. Born in Kuwait in 1946, a trained Reichan Therapist with Dr.Phillip Curcuruto.
Faisal has also studied different systems of growth with esteemed teachers such as Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, Dr. Claudio Naranjo and Middle Eastern Sufi teachers. Currently he is practicing and teaching in California, Colorado and Hawaii. Faisal has been visiting Greece for small groups and retreats since 2002.




Vedanta Aspioti


Vedanta Aspioti was born in Athens, Greece, in 1965. She studied architecture, design and modern art in Greece and at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

After an out of body experience at the age of 18, Vedanta became a well-known medium in Greece and Germany. When she became a disciple of Osho, in 1987, a whole new dimension of channeling opened for her, which she passes on as the ”Power of Light” Training.

Vedanta is the creator of the Power of Light Training for channeling, energy work and intuition. She has been working in the field of channeling and therapy since 1985. She has given groups and trainings in Europe and India and has been the director of the Osho Institute for Intuition, linked to the Osho Multiversity in Poona. She is trained in Primal Therapy, Co-Dependency Therapy and various different techniques like Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, Group Work, Bodynamic, Body-Oriented Psychotherapy etc.

In 1996, she survived an airplane crash in Australia and that incident became a real landmark on the path of transformation in Vedanta’s personal journey.

Unlike the whole New Age scene, her vision of channeling is grounded and includes the exploration, all the way from the earthly to the psychic dimension. She loves to use channeling on the level of the being as her meditation. In her vision, the light and the clarity of channeling shine on the hidden side of the unconscious to allow the healing of the old wounds.

She has been in training with Faisal Muqaddam in the Diamond Logos since 1997 and is a senior teacher. She has been offering the Diamond Logos Work in Greece and Germany for many years.
Since 2002, she has been inviting Faisal in Greece and organizing for him small retreats and groups. Currently she is living in Greece, where she works as a therapist and teacher, bringing the dimension of Essence in the world of therapy and channeling.

Vedanta Aspioti is a mother of a beautiful daughter since 2003.