Welcome to the Website of the Diamond Logos Academy Greece.

The Diamond Logos Academy presents the Diamond Logos teachings in Greece. They are a rich body of knowledge that helps us to understand the psychological patterns blocking our ability to reconnect with our Essence. It is a unique combination of deep psychological work and spirituality. The teachings offer clear guidance (maps), so we can navigate in our spiritual journey. We bring the light of awareness into our issues that prevent us from realizing our true human potential.

From the perspective of the Diamond Logos work, we are able to view with clarity and precision the beautiful kingdom that we live in – its visible and invisible parts. We realize how we are blocked due to our psychological issues and get the courage to deal with them, so we can retrieve the connection to our Essence, come in touch with our Soul again and live fully the grace of being in this Kingdom.

The Diamond Logos Academy Greece offers a comprehensive transformation program. The variety of the offered activities (groups, retreats, trainings, private sessions and evening meetings) aims to bring transformation into yourself and your life.